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Messages I Should Have Sent is an unfiltered peek into one of pop culture’s quietest "loudmouth" authors. Tyler Appel's debut poetry book is a departure from the humorous caricatured persona (from his previous books) that the world has come to know. Appel’s latest effort is a collection of poems and essays dealing with love, loss, and processing everything that comes with them.


Infidelity, sickness, cursed engagements, and a yacht club murder mystery are just a few of many themes that Appel spins into a web of lighthearted but emotional writing depictions of navigating life as a young man in Los Angeles.


As was the case for so many, the pandemic forced a stark reevaluation of what mattered to Appel—and when it came to writing, that meant tapping into a frankness and candor (mostly the product of major personal life shake ups), as well as a greater sense of autonomy as he shaped the concept and aesthetic of the book.


“One thing that experience d